Turn by Turn Directions

start_iconThe race starts on the south side of the Norwell High School driveway.

right_arrow Continue on the driveway for 0.49 miles, before taking a right on South St.

left_arrow Continue on South St. for .59 miles, and take a left on Pleasant St.

straight_arrow Continue on Pleasant St. for 1.25 miles

left_arrow After 1.25 miles on Pleasant St, take a left on Circuit St.
right_arrow Only .11 miles after, take first right onto Forest St.

right_arrow Continue on Forest St. for .73 miles, and take a right on Circuit St.

left_arrow Continue on Circuit for .80 miles, then take a left onto Pine St.

straight_arrow Stay straight on Pine St for 1.4 miles

right_arrow After 1.4 miles on Pine, take a right on River St.

left_arrow Stay on River St. for 450 ft, before taking your next left onto Stetson Rd.

left_arrow Continue on Stetson Rd. for .84 miles, then take a left onto Barque Hill Dr.

right_arrow Continue on Barque Hill Drive, then take a left onto Brigantine Circle

right_arrow Follow Brigantine Circle around, and take a left, back up Barque Hill Dr.

right_arrow Next, make a right back onto Stetson for .77 miles

right_arrow Take a right on the same 450 ft stretch of River St.
left_arrow After 450 ft on River, take a quick left on Pine St.

left_arrow Continue on Pine St. for .97 miles until taking a left onto Wildcat Lane.

right_arrow After 1.23 miles on Wildcat Lane, take a right on Pleasant St.

left_arrow Continue on Pleasant St. for .58 miles, before taking a left on Circuit St.
right_arrow Take your first right on Forest Street, after a short .11 miles on Circuit st
straight_arrow Continue straight on Forest Street for 1.15 miles
left_arrow At the end of Forest Street, take a left on River Street for .15 miles
right_arrow After .15 miles on River, take a quick right onto Dover Street.

finish_icon The Finish Line is on Dover Street.